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CYL is a new and powerful way to continue to organize your and achieve the draft vision and life plan you developed during the Phase One Outward Bound Course. It is specifically designed for military personnel transitioning to civilian life and is an essential tool to advance your life.

The culture and structure of the Military is effectively designed, for the most part, to plan your life for you to support the “mission.” As a result, the transition to civilian life is often daunting because your orientation has to shift to being predominantly the creator of your life.
CYL is a 2-part video-based, self study course with Robert Fritz which helps you develop the practical skills you need to systematically create the life you want to live. During the course, you will gain access to the CYL course and charting program to track your goals plus the monthly “conversations with Robert Fritz” webinar series –an opportunity to dialogue directly with Robert Fritz as well as gain insights from fellow subscribers.

Short daily lessons start you off with easily achievable goals, eventually progressing to more complex and longer term goals. By the end of the course you will have a more detailed, complete life plan—that will support the draft life plan you developed during the Outward Bound Expedition Phase.

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