What do you want to create?
How would you like your life to be?

Our flagship course “Creating Your Life,” is based on the structural principles developed by Robert Fritz, which have been proven effective by tens of thousands of people and organizations worldwide. In this three-month video-based course, short daily lessons combined with real life assignments will help you not only define your goals but also create strategic plans of action to achieve them. With your subscription for the course, you also gain access to the monthly live webinar with course’s creator Robert Fritz.
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About the Creating Your Life Course

Creating Your Life is web based course designed to give you a new and powerful way to clarify and achieve your life goals: Anything you can think of doing from smaller personal projects all the way up to large complex business strategies can be planned using this program.

Each day you will begin with a short video lesson between 7-20 minutes long, with new lessons unlocking the day after the previous one was completed. These lessons start you off with easily achievable goals, eventually progressing to more complex and longer-term goals over time. The impact is accumulative as you gain more and more energy and creative ability while you progress through the course over the three-month period.

Online course screenshot with Rosalind Fritz

 ​You will also be supported along the way with our monthly “Conversations with Robert” webinars where you can get personal attention and support for your learning from the creator of this course, Robert Fritz, and other students.

By the end of the course, you should have a complete life plan for the next five years and beyond with practical skills to help you systematically create the life you want to live.

Conversations with Robert

With your subscription to the course, you also gain access to the monthly live webinar called, “Conversations with Robert,” in which students can interact with course’s creator Robert Fritz and other participants. Instructions for joining the call and access to the recording of the previous conversation can be found in the right sidebar menu in the online course or in “Conversations” area of the LifeStudio (iPad only) app.

Monthly Subscription

$130/month gives you full access to the course and the monthly “Conversations with Robert”. Our most popular option, it renews every month automatically.

3-Month Course

$428 for three months of full access to the course and “Conversations with Robert”. Does not renew automatically. Best option for gift recipients!

Yearly Subscription

$1300 for 12 months of unlimited access to the course materials and Conversations with Robert. Saves $260 over the subscription period, and renews annually. Best Value!

Gift Certificate

Give the course as a gift! Gift certificates can be applied to buy the course in full without requiring the recipient to subscribe (enter a credit card) or they can apply it to the monthly subscription, so they can continue to to use the program after the course has been completed.