Subscription Options:

There are a few subscription options to fit different needs. The course contains 83 days worth of lessons which are intended to be done at the rate of one per day. With three months of access, you have time to complete the course in time even if you miss a few days. The course develops a structure around your daily routine, so you may find it helpful to continue your subscription well past the initial time through, to reinforce your learning and new habits over time. We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions to help support incorporating the course and its principles into your life building process.

Monthly Subscription

$130/month gives you full access to the course and the monthly “Conversations with Robert”. Our most popular option, it renews every month automatically.

3-Month Course

$428 for three months of full access to the course and “Conversations with Robert”. Does not renew automatically. Best option for gift recipients!

Yearly Subscription

$1300 for 12 months of unlimited access to the course materials and Conversations with Robert. Saves $260 over the subscription period, and renews annually. Best Value!

Gift Certificate $428

Give the course as a gift! Gift certificates can be applied to buy the course in full without requiring the recipient to subscribe (enter a credit card) or they can apply it to the monthly subscription, so they can continue to to use the program after the course has been completed.