The Creating Your Life Course

Creating Your Life is three-month video based self-study course with best-selling author, award winning filmmaker, and business consultant Robert Fritz that helps you incorporate the principles of structural dynamics into your life. This course has evolved over the past 30 years and represents the absolute best way to learn how to create the life you want to live.

Each morning you begin your day with a short video lesson between 7 to 20 minutes long, with new lessons unlocking the day after the previous one was completed. These lessons start you off with easily achievable goals, eventually progressing to more complex and longer-term goals over time. The impact is accumulative as you gain more and more energy and creative ability while you progress through the course over the three-month period, and by the end of the course, you should have a complete life plan for the next five years and beyond.

Here are some of the areas that the course addresses:

  • How to think in terms of what you truly want
  • How to organize your choices and decisions strategically
  • How to recognize your current circumstances in relationship to your aspirations.
  • How to build momentum
  • How to learn from both your successes and mistakes
  • How to create a life based on your deepest values
  • How to understand the structural dynamics you are in
  • How to change your structural dynamics as needed
  • How to build patterns of success
  • How to think about the relationship between short-term and long-term
  • How to be true to yourself
  • How to build a true foundation for your life

As a student of the course, you are eligible to participate in “Conversations with Robert,” where you can get personal attention and support for your learning as well as access to the very best and latest structural tension software ever available to chart your goals. The “Creating Your Life” course, the structural tension charting, and “Conversations with Robert” are all available by subscription when you download our free app LifeStudio.


Cost of the Subscription:
The course takes 3 months to complete at the subscription price of $99/month, so in all it’s just under $300. However, because the course creates structure around your life building process, many students continue to subscribe and do the daily lessons well past the initial experience.

Please contact us with any questions or check our LifeStudio FAQ page for more information